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Add an element of surprise to your event with our live lampshade statues. As your guests enjoy all of the festivities, our statues will merely serve as a prop holding their position and making subtle movements that are barely recognizable to keep things interesting. They are a great conversation piece that will be talked about for the years to come!

* Themed / custom costumes and choreographed dances of all styles are available. Please contact us if you are looking for any other specialty act or service that you don’t see listed.

Best For:

Mid & Large-Scale Private / Corporate Events, Upscale Clubs / Lounges, Elite Product Launch, Weddings, Small Product Showcase, House Party, Birthdays, Bar / Bat Mitzvah


Event Type: Price:
2 Hours $600 Per Dancer
3 Hours $700 Per Dancer
4 Hours $800 Per Dancer
5 Hours $900 Per Dancer
6 Hours $1,000 Per Dancer
Wedding $1,500 Per Dancer

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* Discounts apply if multiple services are ordered. Please contact us for details.