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March 12 2019

2019 Wedding trends, Everything you MUST know for your Miami wedding!

We understand the challenges and goals of planning a fabulous wedding, especially in Miami of all places! In a city where expectations are high, bringing our best to the table is what we’re known for!

We are full of big, beautiful and unique ideas for your Miami wedding! Adding our expertise is essential, but the real fun is when we mix our skill with your personal touch – allowing your personality to shine with everything from your decor to your music setlist!

Keeping all that in mind, our picks for Miami Wedding Trends are these:

January 13 2019

Why hire a full-service event production company?

Have you ever been a part of a chaotic event? The cake is not on time, the DJ is a disaster and guests want to leave early. Hiring someone who is not a professional to manage and produce an event can be a total nightmare! It’s our job to make sure your next event is a dream and add a unique touch that can only be delivered by UKi Productions.

January 13 2019

Why invest in corporate events in 2018?

Fact is, employees are your company's most valuable asset.

When at work, they may often feel caged, incessantly competing and occasionally even fighting amongst each other. Why not give them something to look forward to and show them that they’re appreciated?

July 31 2018

Set the Perfect Atmosphere in Your Events With 3D Lighting & Uplighting Services

Lighting is a crucial element in an event and should never be overlooked. Great lighting creates a luxurious ambiance in an event and puts life in it. Bad lighting does the exact opposite. So, whenever you are choosing a lighting service provider, make sure it is a reputed company with an expertise in lighting and events.

July 31 2018

Make your Wedding Ceremony a Memorable Event with the Best Lighting Production

We all love to add a slice of heritage and uniqueness to our wedding ceremony. To make this auspicious day brighter and even more glorious, you need to opt for some of the best lighting products that are available exclusively for wedding ceremonies. To create a memorable and a magical ambiance at your wedding reception, you should hire some of the best companies that offer lighting production for weddings. Creating an aura of beauty all around, the lighting products for your wedding will set the mood for the event.

July 31 2018

Create Memories of a Lifetime with Event Videography Services for Events

With the implausible advancements in technology during the last decades, event videography services have become limelight among the plethora of photographic disciplines. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a splendid video is worth a thousand pictures. There is an ever-growing audience who appreciate the beauty of videos that are shot from a myriad of angles, getting the right shot with the right footage. An image indeed is visually appealing, but us humans being multi-sensory beings, these audiovisual videos have a greater impact on our mind.