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March 12 2019

2019 Wedding trends, Everything you MUST know for your Miami wedding!

We understand the challenges and goals of planning a fabulous wedding, especially in Miami of all places! In a city where expectations are high, bringing our best to the table is what we’re known for!

We are full of big, beautiful and unique ideas for your Miami wedding! Adding our expertise is essential, but the real fun is when we mix our skill with your personal touch – allowing your personality to shine with everything from your decor to your music setlist!

Keeping all that in mind, our picks for Miami Wedding Trends are these:

2019 Miami Wedding Photography and Videography Trends

Miami wedding photography

Having hired the Best Wedding Photography and Videography specialists in the Miami area makes us pretty confident in saying that your wedding will be seamlessly photographed and beautifully documented for the years to come.

  • Keeping it classic, keeping it retro with Black & White Wedding photography
  • Playing it sassy with a colorful Miami Engagement Photoshoot
  • Bringing the outdoors in- While an outdoor photoshoot is a beautiful idea, it isn’t always practical. We will create a theme that helps bring your wedding together.
  • Aerial footage using a drone to take those Breathtaking wedding photos.

2019 Miami wedding entertainment trends

Specialty acts Miami

When it comes to a Miami wedding entertainment, there is nothing more important than creativity. Couples are becoming more open and comfortable at trying new things and breaking tradition on their big day! Follow the trend by hiring:

  • Fire breathers and LED suit dancers- interactive and jaw-dropping performances that will WOW everyone.
  • Go-go Dancers- bringing the 1960’s with a modern, dynamic and energetic twist that everyone will enjoy, and no one will see coming.
  • Use different methods of entertainment- hiring a caricaturist is always a fun and memorable experience that allows your guest to take home their own personal souvenirs!

2019 Miami Wedding Music Trends

Wedding DJ Miami
  • The perfect blend of live saxophone performance and DJ music means that you can relive your clubbing days, even after you elope.
  • The swinging, soft rhythm will surely take you and your guests back in time while enjoying the sensual serenade of a professional Lounge Singer.

We will bring your idea to life, which trends are you embracing first? Let us know!